Bethel Pond Release Rates and Policies

Note: due to the loss of my white birds, I will not be making any releases until mid June of 2017


Release policy:

* Birds will be released from a wicker basket by the handler or the customer. I do not encourage hand tossing.
* Birds will not be released if the weather is threatening.. a full refund will be given.
* No indoor releases.
* No releases within 1 hour of dusk.
* The handler will be dressed appropriately for the occasion.
* Birds will be fed timely in order to reduce the possibility any accidents.


* One bird, $50
* Each additional bird, $20 For example in the case of a wedding, two birds could be released by the newly weds or the handler for the fee of $70. If a second release of 5 more birds that would join the two is desired, the fee would be would be an additional $100.


Call Don Adams, 317-831-3927 or e-mail me at