Bethel Pond Lofts

Bethel Pond Lofts are for homing pigeons. There are two types of "homers" here; the racing homing pigeon and the white release homing pigeons or white doves. I have been involved in animal husbandry for over 40 years. My rookie year was in 2005 for the racing and the release venture. Raising and training them continues to be an enriching and enjoyable experience in my retirement "adventure." I have met many helpful folks in the Indianapolis Racing Pigeon Club.

I have a team of "White Doves" ready for release at special occasions for distances of up to 35 miles from the lofts. I recently acquired some breeding stock that will allow me to extend that to 100 miles or more by mid June of 2008. My release policy and pricing's are to your right.

Our first release was in June of 2005 at the opening and closing of the Mooresville Relay for Life program. I release pigeons for all special occasions. For weddings I have available two individual white heart shaped baskets. or one white wicker basket. Letters of recommendation are available.



"White Dove" Release Policy and rates

Bethel Pond Racing Pigeons