Scraps and Ramblings..This Blog

Events over the past couple of days have jelled into the idea of presenting this “blog” to the public for their pleasure…. or aggravations… two events  in particular have led to this perhaps reckless decision. The first happened immediately after our commissioner’s meeting  on Monday when a constituent whom I knew personally  came up to me and rather angrily remarked that he did not appreciate the disparagingly comments I had made about him in the blog in the Martinsville Reporter.  I replied that I had not written anything for some time in that paper… in fact said I rarely read the blog  (for reasons I will devote an entry  here soon). He said …still not believing I suppose… he asked that wasn’t I a “Mooresvillian of the Year”… and wasn’t I the “Mooresvillian” of the Reporter’s blog.  I said well, yes, guilty on the first charge… I slipped in there several years ago….and nope not me in the Reporter blog… I rarely write there and   have always signed my name when I do...want no guessing.  I am not sure he is convinced… some folks think public officials are consummate liars….  but at least it got me thinking about doing this “blog.”  I have for sometime thought about having a periodic column in the Reporter where I would discuss and explain some of the things that pass in front me in as a county commissioner.  I had indeed discussed this idea with the editor, Bryan Culp, and he was receptive to the idea. However, I think I will just do my discussing and commiserating right here. The editors  will no doubt be grateful,  particularly because  my “style” and sentence structure and even spelling would undoubtedly  put their teeth on edge since they are trained in the finer points of writing and journalism.  Additionally, for better or worse, what I share will remain here and not be tossed out with the garbage nor be handy kindling for starting those warming fires we will soon require.  My posterity also might find these ramblings  useful in understanding both me and what I do. My grandfather, Jim Davee, was county auditor back in the 1950’s . I had no idea what he did nor how important an auditor is to good functioning county government…. Wish he would have kept a blog.

The second event was a training workshop I went to yesterday for those interested in what the crowd at the Statehouse has in store for us at this years short session. One likely subject is the “Local Government Reform” one part being the desire by some to move  to one county commissioner instead of three. This has come up for the past three sessions… and refuses to say “uncle”… so likely Senator Connie Lawson will give 'er another whirl. What you and others might gain in undertanding how your county government functions might help you and maybe even Senator Lawson have a keener appreciation for "how it works."Then you can decide if it broke and needs fixin'.

You are more than welcome to come to our commissioners meetings..and you can even ask me if I am the Mooresvillian blogger in the Reporter. We meet the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. Generally the meetings are at 9:30 AM on the first and 6:30 on the 3rd except for the winter months when we meet at 9:30 for both monthly meetings. The calendar will keep you in line  and is on our county website,  You can stick around after the meeting or we can go have a cup of coffee if you would like. My cell phone is 317-670-0929… and I am always glad to hear what you have to say or listen to what is on your mind . It is part of the job…

November 22, 2011