Scraps and Ramblings – Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday… probably it involves two of my favorite things… ok three.. One is family..two is good food and three is gratitude …acknowledging  the blessing that I have…that we Americans have.

My contribution to this year feast  besides smoking the turkey  was a dish that sounds a bit strange but turned out to be simply delicious.. scalloped  rutabagas and turnips. I found the recipe while reading “This Week” magazine. I really enjoy that weekly magazine… very few ads… informative… rather centerist … no agenda…and a good recipe. I will post it for you all soon.  I don’t think I had ever eaten a rutabaga… I threw in a couple of parsnips.. just because. It also had maple syrup and rosemary in it…cannot go wrong there. The rosemary came from Georgina and Jim Swarzensky.. not sure that is spelled correctly… they are two very lovely people that would be good for you to know if you don’t already. … you will be better for it.

On the opposite side of the page from the recipe was a picture of Gabby Giffords.  I thought how fitting that I am cooking that recipe for a Thanksgiving dinner. Did you see Gabby serving some soldiers their Thanksgiving dinner? What a story…what an inspiring story… a joyful Thanksgiving indeed…gratitude.


November 24, 2011