Scraps and Ramblings –the Art Sanctuary and Life Long

I admit to being a bit of a scrooge. Christmas is just toooo busy and toooo cluttery...the stores... the lawns....rooftops and my entire home. Lynny loves it.  She can hardly wait.  Thanksgiving's leftovers are still decent and she is happily unloading the attic and the storage room ...pulling this wreath and that swag out of the numerous plastic crates... I enjoy watching her enthusiasm... and I do enjoy the music..but that is about it. Last night my scroogish demeanor took a hit. My 8 year old grandson, Keegan, played his first violin recital at the Art  Sanctuary.  His teacher is the talented and delightful Julane Lund. He and Dillon Langley performed for us... it was so good to hear.

 What a lovely evening ...what a fine addition to the community and the county.  The vision of  Ron Stanhouse and the excellent support of the board of directors has made a gem out of the old Methodist Church.  Last night, you could watch mayor Phil light the tree... wander around nibbling and sipping and listening and viewing and visiting... the Christmas spirit was in evidence.  A string octet  from the Martinsville schools played  wonderfully arranged carols. They were outstanding... simply superb.  I loved it.  Think you would have as well.. If you were not there, put it on your calendar for next  year.

One part of the mission of the Sanctuary is "Providing affordable life-long learning opportunities through cultural enrichment, education, exhibition, and special events." Boy, are they fulfilling it. .

Life long... I see so much investment into our children that is not so life long. Now I am not opposed to the little leagues of soccer or football  or basketball or karat.  They are great programs..character building I think..entertaining I think........but are they life long? Ok for character and discipline I would say ..but my basketball is now reduced to a rousing game of HORSE...and if you see our county agent Chris Parker, remind him that that should be his game as well.  I read a really good book last summer, "the Last Lecture"..think you would enjoy it.  It was written...delivered ... by a professor  Randy Pausch. He was dying from the cursed "C" at the young age of 45. The lecture was for all of us..but mainly for his two young daughters ... advise on living your childhood dreams  that he would soon be unable to provide.  In the book/lecture he commented about the his practice of hiring or advancing or staffing any young man who had "eagle scout" on his application. he wrote "what can you do at 13 that you can put on your resume at 50?" Scouting and 4-H are great for the " life long."  So is playing a violin or throwing a pot on a wheel, or  painting or ???...well, go to the art sanctuary and see what you can learn to do. ..even if you are 68 and a papaw... we all have life left.

Thank you Ron for your  vision...thank you String Octet...and the artists  and most of all ,  you Keegan for your lovely and delightful presentation of your first violin recital...something you can do life long... when I am no more...OK,  well, maybe even then I will listen to you....that be the plan.