February 17, 2014

Comments on the motion to accept the bids for the dispatch center:

(These comments were read after a motion was made and seconded to build a Central Dispatch building on Lincoln street near Martinsville)

Mr. Chairman,  I am voting against the motion, but would like to take this  opportunity for some very brief remarks.

I first,  thank those in our county who have worked diligently and in earnest to accomplish what they consider desirable.

I also very much appreciate the leadership of my fellow commissioners who have graciously accepted the principle to disagree agreeably.  I earnestly wish all public bodies--local,   state and national had the same just and reasonable principle-- that discourse and disagreement can be both productive and desirable.

When first we began this journey that has now reached this point, I was hopeful that we would find a method and a solution that addresses both the needs of the citizens and those mandated by Indiana Statute.  I assumed it would be a work with flexibility (much like have just seen in the bidding process for the center) and that  planning would  adjust as much as possible to the  concerns of all parties involved. Indeed, in our original agreement, we contracted  to that very point...that people structure...... the staffing and directorship and monies for those essential items, would  be established through interlocal agreements BEFORE proceeding to the less difficult but important aspects of the building structure.  Regrettably, that  did not occur and has proceeded in that fashion that now it seems has be completely reversed.

And so we find ourselves voting to accept bids to build a building the occupancy of which is unclear and  the funding for that occupancy   yet to be determined.
I hope as we work these months in untangling  the thorns of operations and the funding thereof, that we take a high road that brings us together and does not divide..  a road that seeks understanding....that does not assume...that does not disregard or ignore but works together for the betterment both fiscally and operationally  in the serving  needs of the public.   

What I feel we have in this motion is  an expensive non-solution and I do hope we profit from that lesson.


The motion passed 2-1